About Francesca

Welcome to Country Frantics

I am Francesca, a 24 year old Country Bumpkin from the East Of England.

“You will usually find me covered in mud wearing wellies”

I am your typical country girl that is obsessed with fashion and living the Young Farmers life! That in no way makes me a farmer or a farmers daughter at that, although I used to live on a farm until a couple of months ago and it really felt like home. I live with my mother and my little toy poodle Bella and when I am not at home I am usually in my own little bubble at the yard with my two horses! I own two beautiful Standardbred horses – Buddy, a 16 year old 15.2hh bay gelding that I have had for nearly three years now and Adie, a 4 year old 14hh skewbald gelding who I rescued around 3 months ago from the RSPCA. I am truly lucky with both of my horses due to their temperaments and I wouldn’t change them for the world! They are not my only animals however, at my dad’s we have a 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer called Juniper and she really is the lively one of the bunch!

In my day to day life I work full time for an Architectural Design company and then spend my evenings with the equines which I look forward to everyday. I usually muck out after work and ride Buddy, although he would rather do nothing as he is lazy! Adie is currently unbroken so he just has a good groom most nights and ‘mummy time’ – Both my horses thrive off of human attention. I also spend a lot of my spare time with friends and family making memories and taking pictures.. Oh.. And I can’t forget online shopping, I am a shopaholic!

I drive a lovely Land Rover Freelander which is my pride and joy – You wouldn’t think it though looking at the state of it most days! Covered in hay and mud and smells like a stable but horses come first right?


Why Country Frantics?

When I was thinking about writing my own blog I knew what I wanted to write about and feature but the name was taking me ages to come up with.. Then it suddenly hit me – Country Frantics I am going to be writing about my life in the country and what I am getting up to (antics) and I love play on words so I put my own twist on it using my name and if I am honest, I am usually getting frantic about something! I think its catchy….


So welcome to Country Frantics! I really hope you enjoy reading and coming along on my journey with me..