“Horses, dogs & Country Blogs”

Hello and a warm welcome to Country Frantics! I am Francesca, a 25 year old Country Bumpkin from Essex. I am your typical country girl that is obsessed with everything tweed and you would usually find me in my wellies covered in mud somewhere.. I am your classic equestrian that is passionate about anything horses too, and on that note, I have two horses of my own! Buddy, my 17 year old gelding that I have owned for 3 years and ride regularly & Adie, my 5 year old gelding who I re-homed from the RSPCA around a year ago and is currently an un-backed project.
By day I work full time for an Architectural Design company and by night, well that would be telling.. You will have to wait and see!

I decided to take the leap into blogging around two years ago when I was really struggling with anxiety and mental health issues. I had a lot of time off from my day job and needed something to stimulate my mind.. I often read a lot of lifestyle blogs and always wanted to write my own but I never had the confidence to be able to just do it. Being surrounded by countryside and my horses, this helped me through my hardest times and what better way to show people than to write about it.. This is where Country Frantics was born.. A country girl living in a frantic world!
Mental health is a massive part of every single persons life and I want my blog to be a safe environment for my readers to share and comment on their experiences.

Here on Country Frantics I want to be able to share and communicate with you all my favorite brands, tips I have picked up on, my fashion finds & my antics living in the countryside.
You are probably here because you have similar interests to me, or are intrigued by what I have to say.. Either way, get in the saddle, sit back, relax & enjoy the ride.

I cannot wait to take you on this amazing journey with me.. I hope you are just as excited as I am!