August Monthly Memoirs

It’s September! I know I keep saying it but I literally cannot wait for Winter now.. I hate this in-between weather where you don’t know if it is going to be cold or warm! I like knowing where I stand and that applies with the weather as well, I need to know what to wear! Also, I never know whether to rug up the horses or not.. Does anyone else worry about this every night during this time of year or is it just me? British weather we love you!

August was a bit of a crazy month as I had a lot of things going on! I did a photoshoot with Madison May Photography for her website which I have done an in depth post about prior to this if you would like to read more about this. After a great outcome of photos with Maddie and good feedback from friends, family and followers I was asked to model and photograph a new product by Sporting Hares! EXCITED MUCH! I love the products I already have from Sporting Hares and the fact they were bringing out some equestrian clothing and wanted me to model them I was ecstatic! Right away I asked Maddie from Madison May Photography if she would assist me in this project as the photographs taken would be used on their website and in magazines such as Horse & Hound for their launch! I won’t go into too much detail on this as I am going to write an in depth post and review on the riding tights with potential discount codes…….. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED! I really enjoyed doing this and collaborating with Maddie to support each other in our businesses which has created a great friendship between us!

As some of you may or may not know, I decided to make a massive commitment that I had been thinking about doing for a while.. A commitment I have made before, a commitment that was going to be a challenge for me, a commitment that would make a difference, a commitment that made me feel like I was giving something back to the world and that commitment was.. Re-homing and adopting a horse! I have never adopted or re-homed an animal before and was apprehensive about it at first but the thought of giving an animal another chance at life and a loving forever home thrived me to make it happen even more and that is what I did.. I love Buddy to pieces and he will always be my forever horse and No.1 but I have been thinking about getting another horse for a while and now was the time! Next year (2019) I am doing a Sky-Dive to raise money for a horse charity that take in rescue horses and look after them and re-home them and instead of buying another horse I wanted to brighten up the future of a rescue. I was looking on the RSPCA website one day and this one particular horse caught my eye, I phoned up and arranged to go and view him straight away. I travelled 2 hours to go and meet him and he was so sweet and kind but young and uneducated. I decided there and then to secure him which gave me 2 weeks to think about everything.. He came home to me a week later! Hopefully in time he will turn into a lovely horse! Unbroken and uneducated I thought maybe I was taking on more than I could handle but with the experience from friends and others on the yard to help me I wasn’t worried. He arrived and it all went as smoothly as it could have and he went straight out into the field to meet all the other horses at the yard. It was an emotional moment as they were all greeting him at the fence and running around bucking! He fit right in.. He has kind eyes and a kind heart despite what he has been through. I will write a more in depth post on my ‘new baby’ when the time is right and we have passed our probation period.. You guys will be able to follow his journey and hopefully love him as much as Buddy as he has a cheeky personality!

August Monthly Favourites

As you know from previous monthly posts I am now showing you all my equestrian and country item favourites of the month so here we go..

Shires Compositi Stirrups

My equestrian August favourite has to be my new Shires Compositi Premium Profile stirrups! I got these a month ago after seeing quite a few of my friends use them and say really good things about them. They are black plastic stirrups with a coloured grip tread which can be changed to any colour. These stirrup irons are designed by Compositi, a Belgian company who specialise in lightweight technical equestrian products. They come in Adult sizes and children sizes. I went for a dark blue tread as I felt this colour would stand out but still go with the colours I use on Buddy. You can pretty much get any colour to match your Cross Country colours and they are very inexpensive. They retail at around £20 and they are well worth the money if you do not want to splurge out lots of money on some high end stirrups but still want quality! They are very grippy and keep your foot in place which I love.. I wouldn’t go for a different stirrup now at this price! They are very lightweight and comfortable to ride in.. I would highly recommend these!

Beaumont & Bear Sweatshirt

My Country fashion August favourite has to be my Beaumont & Bear sweatshirt! After hearing lots of positive reviews on their products especially their signature sweatshirt I had to give in and order my own to try out and I must say I was very impressed! The quality of the sweatshirt is of a high standard and the jumper itself is minimal yet eye catching with their logo on the front. I got the sweatshirt in Grey which literally goes with anything! I got mine in a size small as they are unisex but I wish I got an extra small.. But hey ho, oversized slouchy jumper and all that! I chuck mine over any outfit whether its a dress, jeans or down the yard while I’m riding! The inside of the jumper is so so soft even after being washed! I would put this on par with some of my Jack Wills and Hollister hoodies for softness and quality. For around £35 I think this product is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a comfy jumper for the Winter months!

Thank you for reading, until next time..

Francesca x

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