May 10, 2018

So as we all know last weekend was a scorching hot 30 degrees and if you are like me and have horses you never know what to do with them regarding turnout as my field has no shelter from the sun at all. Seeing as Buddy is a bay horse he also attracts the sunlight and gets very hot.. I don’t think it bothers him, but like most horse owners, I worry way too much!

Time for the first bath of the year! Buddy is not too keen on water at the best of times but this had to be done. He was sweaty and dusty and was due his annual summer bath! I don’t usually like bathing him much due to his sensitive skin and I like his coat to keep natural oils! I got the cold hose out and started bathing… He actually seemed to quite enjoy it! I used a tea-tree anti-fungal shampoo and gave him a good scrub with the shires sponge brush (This works wonders and is a must have if you have white socks!) As it was starting to get late on the Friday night I decided to dry him off using the Horseware Rambo Dry Rug – I love this rug and it is my saviour! Buddy is one of those horses that likes to get down and have a roll as soon as he has been bathed… This rug prevents the urge and dries him within 30 minutes! I do have to bribe him to stand still with a hay net mind you.. But aren’t all horses food orientated?!.. This rug really is a must have if you bath all year round, especially if you need quick drying for shows. It dries them quickly and keeps them warm in the winter months! It’s like a towel dressing gown for horses! Buddy was so soft and shiny after his bath and then he was ready for bed (removing the dry rug) First bath of the summer successful!

It’s like a towel dressing gown for horses!

Saturday morning is usually an early start for me.. Horses need to be fed and turned out! I know if I am late that’s for sure! I was up and at the yard for 9am. Saturday’s are usually my ‘spring clean’ day. I have a stable for all my horse related things including – rugs, feed, bedding, lunge line, mucking out equipment, hay nets etc etc.. You get the drift and I am very OCD about keeping everything swept and clean!

My father then arrived with Juniper (Our German Shorthaired Pointer) if you haven’t read any of my other blog posts. We are trying to get her used to being around the yard and horses. She is now one years of age and she loves being there! Excitable much! I then kept her for the day to take her for a walk and to meet my friend at her yard who also has a Pointer but an English one.. This was their first time meeting each other and it is safe to say that my friends pointer Winnie has calmed down a lot and found Juniper some what irritating! My friend and I then clipped and bathed her pony cob Benson… White and hairy – You have to use a whole bottle of shampoo just for the legs and mane! Makes me realise how easy it is having a bay! It was really nice though being out in the sun surrounded by everything we love catching up and getting a tan as we had not seen each other for a year, there was a lot to talk about!

Good puppy dogs…… SIT!!!

Bathing my friends Shetland Rosie though was the funniest part of the day. Trying to bath a really hairy, attitude filled mare trying to get down and roll every time the water touched her, pawing at the ground while she was tied up.. We managed it though between us! She has so much sass and attitude but she is damn cool! We were both shattered after a day of horses and dogs.. Time for an early night ready for what Sunday had to bring!

She has so much sass & attitude but she is damn cool

Sunday & Monday soon arrived though.. It feels like those days were blended into one! Time flies when you are having fun I guess. Bank holiday’s really go too quickly although I really wished I was at Badminton Horse Trials! On the Sunday I got invited over to one of my close friends Beth birthday BBQ which was lovely so there was lots of food and drink. She had just got back from two weeks in Disney Land Florida which I was totally jealous about, who wouldn’t be?! She turned 18 while she was out there so she is now legal to come and party with me which is exciting! Although.. It’s very rare that I hit the town and when I do I end up home at 1am needing bed with sore feet (The saying we spend all our time keeping our heels down). I managed to get no riding in this weekend either due to Buddy throwing yet another shoe in the field. He has never thrown a shoe in the 2 years that I have owned him and then he decides to throw 2 in two weeks! Luckily, my lovely farrier managed to get out to me first thing Monday morning and put another one on! – It was so hot that day that I was sunbathing in Buddy’s paddock, tan line galore! It was too hot to ride so I didn’t even attempt it. I just had a day of fun in the sun with friends, family and of course, my animals!

Fun in the sun with friends, family and of course, my animals!

May Bank Holiday was actioned packed but was lovely! I hope everyone else enjoyed theirs whether it was walking around Badminton or sunbathing in the garden!

Thank you for reading, until next time…

Francesca x

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