May 19, 2018

As most of you may know, I am currently doing the ‘Horse Riders Challenge’ on instagram and while doing this with many other horse riders and owners I came across the brand Hawkins Organic and this brand caught my eye instantly. Seeing that they were based in Suffolk and were organic products made me want to try them out even more as they are close to home. I love supporting local companies and the reviews on their products got me excited. I went straight onto their website and wanted to order some products! I decided to go for their Summer Collection offer as I thought these products would best suit my horse in the current season.

I decided to go for their Summer Collection offer

The Summer Collection Offer includes Best In Show Shampoo which is an 100% natural, chemical free shampoo that contains mint and apple essential oils which are renowned for their antibacterial and cleansing properties, Lemon Aid which is an anti-fly and antibacterial wash for use after exercise, Buck Off which is a natural fly repellent using organic and natural herbs and Best Hoof Forward (Summer Holidays) which is an antibacterial hoof gel for dry, cracked hooves containing extracts of lemon and limes. This Summer Collection Offer can save you a total of £9.00 so I think it is well worth the buy!

I placed my order and emailed the company asking if I could review some of their products on my blog as I always like to ask permission to write an honest review and they wrote back to me the same day and were lovely! My package took around 2 days to arrive in which I opened the box and the products were well wrapped with a personal note inside which I thought was a really nice touch. First impressions when opening the box were good!

I was even lucky enough for them to send me some extra goodies to try and review which I am really grateful for, so thank you Hawkins Organic! They included Blanc Canvas which is a whitening shampoo which contains Cucumber and a blend of organic ingredients and Eau De Neigh which is a 100% natural de-tangling spray with mint and apple essential oils.

I was even lucky enough for them to send me some extra goodies to try and review

I was super keen to get down the yard and try all of these products out on Buddy so off I went with my box full of natural and organic horsey products to try! My first impressions when opening them up was the smell! I didn’t know horse products could smell so good! Especially the hoof gel, it smells good enough to eat – I also really like the packaging as it is plain and simple but has a classy look to it. The box also contained 2x spray pumps to connect to the bottles which both have different settings on them for the different spray effects!

Over the past week I have tried all of the products that I was sent from Hawkins Organic and I have to say that I am very impressed overall with the results so far and I am keen to order more products to try and review for you guys! I don’t think I will be looking back to other grooming products I have used in the past as I have fallen in love with this brand and products and they are all natural which is a bonus as I have a horse with sensitive skin! All the products are so gentle on the skin and have no harsh chemicals which I feel strongly about. I wouldn’t use harsh chemicals on my own hair and skin so why should I use them on my animals?

I am going to go into more depth of the three products that really stood out for me and Buddy. The three products that really made me go ‘wow’..

Best Hoof Forward (Summer Holidays)

Wow this really was my favourite product that I tried. It is a little bottle of brilliance. The smell is amazing! I applied this to Buddy’s hooves using a normal hoof brush and it absorbed into his hooves within seconds and gave a lovely finish! Buddy suffers in the summer with cracks and just generally dry hooves and I have tried other hoof gels/creams in the past but this one just blew them all out of the water for me.. This hoof gel contains vegetable glycerin so it does not strip the hoof of oils or upset the natural balance. This can be used on horses that live out and that are stabled. This hoof gel can be used daily and can be applied to the entire hoof wall, around the frog and sole. Due to its antibacterial effects it is great for horses prone to thrush. All my other hoof gels/creams will be hitting the back shelf now this little baby is in my grooming kit!

Eau De Neigh

This de-tangling spray had my tail brush gliding through after just a few sprays! I am one of these horse owners that takes pride in their horses appearance and likes to grow their horses tail to its full potential! Buddy has a nice thick, long tail for his breed and I feel this is down to how you look after it. I look after his mane and tail like I would my own hair.. I would use this spray on my own hair I was that impressed with it and the smell of mint and apple was so fresh. All you need is a couple of sprays in the mane and tail, you don’t need to use a lot. If you have a horse with a scurfy tail on the roots like I do, spray some of this on and it absorbs the dust to leave it looking clean without having to wash it! I also found spraying some onto a body brush and going over the coat gave it extra shine and removed the unwanted dust our horses seem to have!

I would use this on my own hair

Buck Off

Oh buck off flies! That is Buddy every day at the moment.. Until we found this! Buddy likes to chuck his back legs around when being ridden if flies come anywhere near his back end, which can be quite annoying for him and for me. This fly repellent helps to prevent this and lets us have better rides and better vibes as they say!

This fly repellent spray is perfectly PH balanced but highly effective without upsetting the natural balance of your horses skin and is suitable for horses with sensitive skin. This is one of the most popular fly repellents at the moment featuring in ‘absolute horse magazine’ and ‘your horse’ as one of the best of British/Hot Picks! This contains natural herbs including quassia bark and organic lemongrass extract. This is Hawkins Organic’s best seller!

I like to apply this to Buddy using the ‘spray’ setting on the cap all over his body, legs and under his tummy. I also spray some around his tail. I apply this to his face by spraying some onto a face brush and apply it to the face avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth. You can also spray this into your hand and rub over the face. For horses that do not like sprays – The spray setting makes little noise and evenly spreads over the horse. Alternatively, you can spray this onto a body brush and apply to the horses body that way which still has a great effect!

Even Buddy likes the smell – That is his ‘Buck Off’ face

I just want to say thank you again to Hawkins Organic for sending me the extra goodies to try! I also just want to clarify that I was not asked to promote this brand in any way and these are my honest opinions. I would never review a product unless I truly like it and would purchase with my own money.

If you would like to have a look at the products on offer head over to http://www.hawkinsorganic.com and you can receive 10% OFF on your first purchase! You can also follow them on instagram – hawkinsorganic to keep up to date on their promotions and products!

Thank you for reading, until next time…

Francesca x

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