May 5, 2018

Cellulitis.. What is that? Is what a lot of people say to me when I mention it. Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the soft connective tissue under the skin. Cellulitis can occur anywhere on the body but in horses, generally it is often found on one of the hind legs. Cellulitis starts with sudden swelling which can be caused by an open wound as tiny as a pin prick, poor circulation or even from poor hygiene in some cases.

Cellulitis can be treated by antibiotics from your vet, cold hosing (although if you have a horse with sensitive skin I would avoid this), good hygiene of the legs (Brushing daily), using antibacterial soaps and keeping the legs clean and dry. A lot of horses that develop serious bouts of cellulitis can become very lame to the point that they cannot bare weight on the specific leg. Minor cases of cellulitis can be managed easily by keeping a close eye on your horses limbs by looking out for cuts or grazes and making sure that they are not standing around in their stable for too long as this will decrease circulation to the limb.

Why talk about Cellulitis? When I bought my horse Buddy his legs were immaculate.. To my horror one day when bringing him out of his stable he was so lame I wondered what the hell he had done to himself in the field..? His right hind leg was so swollen and he could barely walk! It was around 8pm at night so it would have been out of hours at the vets but me being me I couldn’t leave him in pain like this and I needed to know what he had done.. The vet was on his way! My vet suggested bandaging his legs up, making sure his limbs were clean and walking him three times a day with antibiotics and Bute and told me he had signs of cellulitis. After 3-4 days of doing this there was no difference in Buddy which led to me ditching the bandages and putting him out in the field as much as possible.. After a couple of days the swelling was down and he was back to his normal self!

Wondering how and why he had suddenly got ‘Cellulitis’ my brain was rattling.. Was it the sand in the menage irritating his legs? Had he cut himself but was too small for me to notice? Was his stable damp and the straw not draining his urine properly?.. I feel like it was a combination of the three but I am so OCD with my mucking out and grooming, but I did only muck him out at weekends as he was on 5x day livery at the time!

Two years later and Buddy no longer shows signs of having cellulitis ‘Touch Wood’ I moved him to a new yard which does not allow straw bedding, only shavings or chopped straw. Also.. He is now on DIY so I muck him out daily! Which leads me onto my bedding review….

Nedz Bed

Buddy had never been on a shavings bed before so I wanted to find something similar to straw which led me to find ‘Nedz Bed’ – There was two options available at my local equestrian store Nedz Original or Nedz pro – I ended up going with the original due to the feel of it being softer and I must say I have never looked back!

This bedding is perfect for horses with leg problems.. It is so dry and drains really well. The horses urine goes into the bedding and soaks up underneath leaving the top of the bedding completely dry! This bedding also does not move too much when horses walk around in their stable so the wee stays in one place! I find this bedding super easy to muck out! I have a fairly large stable, probably larger than most and it takes me around 15-20 minutes to complete the whole muck out. I like to muck my horse out fully each day removing the droppings and urine.

I find it super easy to muck out and I like to do a full muck out each day!

My recommendation for mucking out Nedz bed is using the above tools. I use the poop-scoop to get up all the droppings without pulling up too much of the clean bedding.. I then use the rubber matting shavings fork to chuck up all the clean and remove the top layer of clean and then remove the small patch of damp! I then like to sweep out the stable and then re-lay the bedding! – I use 1x bag of bedding per week and this leaves a nice big fluffy bed with small banks!

This leaves a nice big fluffy bed with small banks!

What is Nedz Bed?

Nedz bed is rivalling shavings for absorbency. Nedz original is made from carefully selected wheat straw which has been through a rigorous quality control process before being chopped and treated with ‘natural nedz’ formula to promote a healthy, safe environment for your horse.

Why Use it?

  • It offers cosy comfortable bedding
  • Rivals shavings in absorbency
  • All natural and herbal ingredients
  • Bitter tasting to discourage bed eating
  • Creates a hygienic, virtually dust free, non toxic environment for your horse
  • Easy to muck out
  • Cost Effective
  • Biodegrades within 2-3 months and can safely be used as a fertiliser

What more could you want?!

Not sure what Bedding would suit you and your horse? Use the chart below or head over to their website to find out more and to find your local stockist! – 

I know this was a lengthy post but I wanted to make sure I had all the info! I have NOT been sponsored for this post, this is a genuine review of a bedding that I truly adore!

Thanks for reading.. Until next time..

Francesca x





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