February 10, 2019

Effortless equestrian clothing specialising in forward riding apparel for the everyday equestrian trying to balance life and horses.. Sounds right up my street! Balancing work, social life and horses can sometimes be a struggle for most and if you are like me, you are always on the hunt to find new upcoming equestrian brands and this is where I found Imperial Colt. 

After spending many a time browsing their website and drawling over their Espoir tendon boots, I decided to follow the company on instagram and share my need of these tendon boots on my story with my followers.. Little did I know this would lead to Imperial Colt contacting me and wanting to work with me! Now, I don’t know how I haven’t come across this company sooner as I haven’t seen one item that I do not like! This company and their products are just what I need to help balance my lifestyle and make the transition from socialising with friends to the yard to do the horses that little bit easier. Also, clothing that can be worn at the yard and is acceptable in public without people thinking that you are a crazy horse lady.. I am, but that is a different story!

Alex from Imperial Colt kindly sent me a box of goodies to try and review and I have to say, just from opening the box, I could tell the quality of their products straight away. They sent me a mixture of Espoir items, a brand they sell from their website and some of their own designed clothing too. I most definitely was not disappointed, but totally in love and keen to purchase some more items myself and transform my equestrian wardrobe!

So what did I receive?

Espoir Horse & Flower Pattern Everyday Shirt

This is part of Espoir’s new collection of shirts. This sun shirt is made from a technical, breathable, light sports material that is UV resistant which makes it perfect for those summer riding days to prevent getting burnt! The technical fit of this shirt provides maximum comfort and protection for the rider. The prints of these sun shirts are hand illustrated and are South African designed and produced which makes them super unique compared to any other sun shirt on the market.

Initially, the fit of the sun shirt amazed me and it is so comfortable! It is like wearing another skin but so breathable and non-restricting. A lot of other base layers or sun shirts I have tried can be quite restricting but this one is now up there with my favourites in every way. This sun shirt can be worn in the summer tucked in to breeches on it’s own or in the winter as a base layer for extra warmth! The look of this sun shirt is so classy, the logo and the pattern. I absolutely love the floral design behind the horse print as it is understated but adds a little umph to the look. Usually, horse prints on a top can look kind of ‘childish’ but this has completely changed my opinion. The fact the design has been hand illustrated as well has completely sold it to me and I cannot wait to purchase some of the other pattern designs! I think these sun shirts would look lovely under your show jacket, zipped right up it can double as a show shirt and add a little pattern chic under your plain jacket! I also think this would look striking on the Cross Country field tucked in white breeches with a nice leather belt to complete the look – It’s not all about wearing the Cross Country classic colours, it is the 21st Century, jazz it up a bit!

You can purchase this sun shirt here –

Imperial Colt Women’s Haider Hoodie – Light Grey

This is one of Imperial Colt’s statement pieces. The Haider Hoodie is a slightly fitted super soft hoodie made from organic materials. It was designed for maximum comfort to stop restriction when riding but using an on trend design with selected colours and a geometric logo that is perfect for those times you are not at the yard. This hoodie comes in three other colours so there is one to suit everyone.

I put this hoodie on for the first time and it was so soft and comfortable, instantly my favourite hoodie! Although the colour says light grey I would say it was more of a light khaki which I really love and I currently have nothing like this in my collection. The geometric design on the front looks so simplistic but eye catching at the same time and I love the Imperial Colt design on the sleeve too. This hoodie does not have the classic ‘kangaroo’ pouch but it has two pockets that are hidden but accessible. This hoodie is the perfect attire to wear out with friends casually for a coffee and then to go straight to the horses to ride. The fit and size of this hoodie is great to chuck on over your show shirt on show days too! I wear a size small which fits great, it is not too fitted and not too baggy, perfect! I will be getting a lot of wear out of this over the winter leading into spring and in the summer on those chilly evenings!

You can purchase this hoodie here –

Espoir Protective UV Scarf – Beige

This is the multi-purpose UV protection scarf that is light, breathable and stylish finished with a custom Espoir print. This Espoir scarf comes in 5 different colours/prints so there is always one to match your riding outfit!

When I first opened this in the box I thought it was absolutely beautiful. A piece I wouldn’t usually think to buy when looking for riding attire/accessories but an asset to my equestrian wardrobe. This scarf is like a ‘snood’ but really thin and perfect for protecting your neck in those hot summer days when riding or doing general yard duties. It’s UV protection and light, breathable material means that you will not sweat when wearing it or riding in it, which is a bonus! You can also double up this UV protective scarf as an additional accessory to wear when riding in the winter. It gives enough protection from the cold without finding yourself getting too hot when you are riding. If you are like me, when riding, even in the winter, after 10 minutes I am stripping all my layers down to a t-shirt but I hate the draft around my neck, that is where this little beauty comes in to play. It also looks super snazzy too!

You can purchase this scarf here –

Imperial Colt ‘Hay Hair’ Tee – Emerald

This was the initial piece of clothing that drew my attention to Imperial Colt as a brand. I saw this slogan tee on their instagram and instantly fell in love. This tee is a easy to wear, relaxed fit that gives you the perfect excuse for horse hair anywhere you are! This tee comes in the colour Emerald Green and Grey and comes in 4 different sizes from small – extra large. The Imperial Colt logo is on the right sleeve and they stock other slogan tee’s too!

This tee is so comfortable! Even though it is a relaxed fit, it is fitted but with a relaxed feel. The material is super soft and you can really feel the quality. I love the dark green colour as it goes with a lot of my other equestrian items and is slightly different. I wear this tucked in to breeches when riding or doing general yard duties, with tracksuit bottoms when at home lounging and with jeans when out with friends! Adding that little bit of equine chic!

You can purchase this slogan tee here –

Overall, I am really pleased with all 4 items that I received from Imperial Colt. I love the style they have based their products on but still keeping the more formal equestrian clothing with their Espoir range. I am really looking forward to trying out more of their clothing and rocking some slogan tee’s! Thank you so much to Imperial Colt for sending me these beautiful items to try out and review. I also have a cheeky 10% off discount code for you all. You can use the code COUNTRYF10 at checkout and receive the discount on any item purchased on their website!

You can see their items in action over on their instagram page – @imperial.colt

You can browse their website here –

Thank you for reading, until next time..

Francesca x

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