November 20, 2018

I am sure most of you would love to get to know Buddy a little better.. I mean, the photos speak a thousand words about his character but how well do you actually know him? I have come up with sixteen facts about Buddy because he is now a sweet sixteen veteran! What better number to use, a fact for every year of his life..

1. Buddy used to be a professional Harness Racer until the age of six when he was retired from the profession.

2. He has two white dot scars on his nose where the noseband would sit due to his previous profession, but they make him unique and even though I would never ever wish pain on him, I kinda like them..

3. He had never been in a menage or schooled until I bought him back in 2016. He had been used for light hacking since he retired from Harness Racing.

4. He loves affection and thrives off of human attention! You can touch anywhere over his body, put your arms around him, lean on his back, cuddle his bottom, kiss all over his face.. He loves it all!

5. He won’t eat his hay and settle for bed until he has had his evening treats from me. We do his carrot stretches every night and he looks over the stable door with those eyes until I give in.. If someone else is putting him to bed however, he is fine.

6. Buddy doesn’t thrive off of exercise or being ridden – He would much rather be lazy and looking pretty in the field.

7. He hates puddles & water! Buddy will literally prance around so that he doesn’t have to walk through water, this sometimes ends up with him basically trying to get on top of me when walking to the field.

8. Buddy can be a very jealous horse, especially when I am involved!

9. Buddy is 15.2hh and wears a 6ft rug.

10. Buddy has had three private owners including me – Sadly, his first private owner passed away at the age of 70 and Buddy was sold a year later. I have pictures of them both together in his passport.

11. Buddy likes to keep his stable and field very clean. He does all of his droppings in set locations!

12. Buddy is the boss man out in the field, top of the pecking order!

13. Once Buddy has been bathed, he will want to roll.. If there are any droppings in his stable he will not want to roll and will get frustrated which can sometimes lead to him rearing until these have been removed.

14. Buddy can be very cheeky and kick the stable door for attention at feed time, he can be very impatient. He picked this up from a horse at a previous yard. I also spoil him which probably doesn’t help.

15. Buddy is pretty much bomb proof until he sees a dragon fly, then you need to hold on for dear life! He is very genuine about it though.

16. Buddy can sense if someone is new to horses or struggling and will do what he can to make things easy for you, unless you are me.. Then he will play up! Cheeky boy!

These are just a few facts about Buddy but there are plenty more! I would love to hear some of your horses personality quirks, leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading, until next time..

Francesca x

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