January 9, 2019

I have been a massive fan of Pampeano for a while now, well, since I started riding again 3 years ago and after watching a YouTube video with a girl wearing one I had to buy my own! From a wide variety of different belts to choose from I ended up going for the Skinny ‘Sereno’  with my initials embossed on it and when it arrived I was in love! This belt literally goes with any of my riding outfits due to the different shades of blue being versatile when it comes to matching and is a statement accessory in my wardrobe for in the saddle & out. These Polo belts add a pop of colour to any outfit and are striking to look at too – They are the perfect accessory to add to your Cross Country look as you can match any colour you ride in and you can add a little chic to the field!

The ‘Skinny Sereno’ Polo belt

Through sharing the love for my original Pampeano Polo belt on my social media, I was approached by Pampeano and kindly sent a Polo belt of my choice to view! I was so excited when I received this email to work with them that I grabbed the chance with both hands. Receiving the belt was a bonus but actually having this amazing company approach me to work with them was the real deal for me! I decided to go for one of the classic size belts instead of a skinny one so I went for the ‘Tornado’ which is a brown leather belt with navy, white & grey stitching and to make this belt even better, they make the ‘Tornado’ pattern in dog collars to match! This Pampa Diamond pattern is one of the more understated of polo patterns which I really like and it had added to my growing Pampeano collection perfectly!

The ‘Tornado’ polo belt

So who are Pampeano?

Pampeano, a word taken from La Pampa, Argentina – A place where cattle roam freely across beautiful estancies and where the birthplace of the business took place, Pampeano is a handmade leather goods company that specialise in the finest Argentinean leather and threads to create their belts and accessories. The company like to recall the memory of the simpler times with their designs and use Native American inspiration. The ‘Pampa’ diamonds on each Pampeano piece are ancient Native South American depictions of the Andes Mountains and Valley’s passed through families of local artisans for generations. The exquisite craftsmanship and vibrant waxed saddle thread that have been used to hand-weave each pattern in a meticulous process means that it cannot be replicated by any machine!

The company is split in two – Pampeano, which sells the small leather goods, belts and some clothing and La Pampa, which sells all of the technical polo equipment for both polo player and polo pony. They decided to branch out and create La Pampa due to recognising that they needed to provide polo players with the best range of polo equipment at sensible prices, outstanding customer service and a one stop shop for polo players based in the UK.

What are my first impressions?

I received the belt in the post a few days after we decided to work together so the postage was super fast, they sent it out the same day! I opened up the postal box and the pale yellow Pampeano box was in there. Their products come beautifully enclosed in a simple yet striking box with their logo on the lid. I opened up the box and there is was, the beautifully hand crafted belt with my initials embossed on the keeper. Initially looking at the belt you can see the quality of the Argentinean leather and how well stitched the belt is.

What are my thoughts on the ‘Tornado’ polo belt?

The design and colours of this belt suit me down to the ground. Understated but interesting and striking at the same time! I much prefer brown leather and all my tack is brown so the ‘Tornado’ belt matches my tack and riding boots which I absolutely love! This belt looks great with breeches and with jeans.. I decided to go for the plain embossing on the keeper instead of the silver or gold foiling as I thought it would add the personal touches without it being in your face. I had the initials ‘FLS’ put on mine this time and they look great and well embossed! I love Pampeano belts in general but this is my go to belt for riding at the moment and I have had some lovely compliments.

What is the fit like?

The Pampeano Polo belts are really comfortable to wear and over time the leather really softens up! Regarding the fit, they come in eight different length sizes and also some selected styles come in smaller sizes for children. I personally wear a size 80cm (28″) as this is the smallest adults size they do. I am usually a size 8 or a (25″) waist and I find that I have my belt done up on the tightest hole. To wear high waisted bottoms I would have to have another hole punched into the leather. If in doubt, I would measure your waist to decide which size to go for but the 80cm I would say varies from a size 8 to a size 12. For the guys, it is much easier as they know their trouser waist size and these belts measure up the same!

The classic width belt is 3.5cm and I find this fits most belt loops on women’s breeches and jeans but I have found that the skinny Pampeano belt fits women’s clothing a lot easier. As for men’s trousers, I think this belt would fit most designs.

What is the cost of a Pampeano Polo Belt?

The classic width Polo belts are £65 and I personally think that they are well worth the money, I would pay double for a belt of this quality and hand crafted detailing! The embossing is complimentary but you do not have to click for this option. As I have mentioned before, I have had my skinny polo belt for a while now, years in fact and I have worn it every day without fail.. To the yard, riding & for fashion and it still looks as good as new, the leather is just a lot softer!

Pampeano offer complimentary free delivery on all standard UK orders which is great for their customers! You really are just paying for your beautiful belt and you will not be disappointed! The level of customer service that I have received from Pampeano in the past has been of a very high standard, a pleasure to deal with.

To order your own Tornado polo belt you can click here –

Thank you so much Pampeano for sending me this lovely belt and asking to work with me, it is much appreciated and has made my year that is for sure! I am sure to purchase many more Pampeano items in 2019!

Thank you for reading, until next time..

Francesca x

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