August 18, 2018

July is the month that my Birthday falls on.. A week of the year that I always try and take off of work as holiday if I can as there is no way I am wanting to work on my day of birth! I didn’t really have much planned for my birthday or week off apart from spending time with Buddy, catching up with things around the new house and spending the day before my birthday with my dad for the ‘surprise’ birthday present he had planned for me.

I literally had no idea what he had planned for me, I had some ideas such as a Land Rover off-roading experience or a clay pigeon shooting lesson, either of those would have been cool! I was excited about what he had up his sleeve but also very nervous too! The day before the surprise my dad text me telling me to wear light riding attire and to take my hat and boots.. Ok, so it was something horsey. He then went on to say it was between Cambridge & Newmarket which then got my heart racing.. Am I riding a race horse down the gallops or something? Surely not. The day arrived for the surprise and I drove to my dads and met him there before leaving to go for the classic Starbucks stop before hand! On the way to the surprise I was feeling very anxious as to what my dad had lined up for me asking him lots of questions to try and catch him out. He turned around to me and said ‘This will help with your confidence after having the bad fall off of Buddy’ Oh god, what has he done?! We had arrived to the surprise and I didn’t realise where we were for ages before seeing a sign saying Polo Club.. Eeeekkkkkk – Are we watching polo?! ‘No Fran, you are having a one to one polo lesson with an Argentinean Polo player and instructor!’ Omg, Polo is something I have wanted to try for so long now and I am finally doing it and at one of the best polo clubs in the UK! Prince William even played there last week! I was beyond excited that my nerves completely disappeared in an instant! My dad had well and truly pulled this one out of the bag thats for sure..

I was beyond excited that my nerves completely disappeared

I was riding an 18 year old chestnut mare polo pony called Kiepi for my lesson and she was a star, she really looked after me which was just what I needed! Turns out, I am a natural.. All those years of tennis lessons when I was younger were now paying off. I learnt 3 different shots with the mallet which were 2 shots more than most on their first lesson! The smile on my face was from ear to ear and thats down to my dad. When my lesson finished my dad turned around to me and said ‘I think you have found your calling for equestrian sports’ I couldn’t wait to get back in the saddle and book another lesson! I truly caught the bug!

I truly caught the polo bug..

When my lesson had finished my dad then took me into the Polo Club House, which I must say is a beautiful building and laying on the reception desk were the clubs merchandise for me to choose from which were pre-paid for by my dad! God dad, you really thought about this birthday! He knows me too well, I love buying merchandise that reminds me of memories.. Or clothing in general really! Dad and I then went to a lovely pub for lunch and then it was time to head home, I was tired that’s for sure!

I learnt 3 shots with the mallet..

Cambridge County Polo Club truly looked after dad and I that day. They were all so welcoming and made us feel comfortable and part of the club. Dad even got talking about business as usual.. Surprise Surprise! Fabio was my instructor for my lesson and he had such a lovely nature about him making me feel at ease at all times! I really enjoyed my lesson and if you are interested in trying polo then I completely recommend this club! They teach polo from people who have never even sat on a horse to experienced riders, there really is something for everyone! The grounds are beautifully kept and the club has a lovely feel about it, somewhere you would want to spend all your time! Thanks for having us!

This year my birthday was very low key, spending time with family and just generally chilling out after a busy house move. I usually go abroad on a summer holiday for my birthday but due to other circumstances that was not possible this year which is a shame but I wanted to spend some down time sorting everything out with the new house and spending time with my one and only Buddy – I feel like he has taken a back seat lately (Not on purpose) He is the main key to happiness in my life so I need to get back in the saddle as they say! As well as my polo lesson I received some other lovely presents which I am grateful for so thanks guys! I treated myself more though, shopaholic problems.. Why not when its your birthday.. Might as well sink a glass of Prosecco.. or 2..!

Thank you for reading, until next time..

Francesca x

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