February 2, 2019

Self care is something that everyone is trying to incorporate more in their day to day routine at the moment, but being an equestrian can mean that sometimes this takes a back seat as we have other aspects of our lives that are more demanding and important. I think a lot of us forget that our horses also need a bit of extra TLC. Our horses are not machines; they are living animals and have their needs too. They cannot tell us how they feel so we, as human horse owners need to take it upon ourselves to give them that little extra bit of care from time to time. I think that we are all guilty sometimes of expecting our horses to do exactly what we want from them but we do not actually give them the time they need to recover and be relaxed. Of course, exercising our horses is very important for their health and wellbeing but, if you were worked every day and expected to work hard and you didn’t receive the rest and self care time that you needed, would you be happy? Our horses need this time too and trust me, they appreciate it. In the long run, you will notice a difference in your horses performance and attitude if they have a healthy and happy mind.

This brings me on to talk about a little company that can help with you and your horses self care. Forelock & Fringe is a monthly subscription box delivered straight to your door. Inside you will find, products for your horse, fabulous beauty products for yourself and lifestyle treats for you and your horse. This is a little box full of self care products for you to enjoy with your four legged friends on a monthly basis.

So what did I receive?

Firstly, I would just like to say how well packaged the box came. Once I had opened the initial box with the Forelock & Fringe design, the tissue paper inside was finished off with a pretty sticker which I thought was a lovely touch. I opened the tissue paper and I was instantly amazed by the content of the box and here is what I received…



Hilton Herbs – Herballs Treats

Delicious herbal treats for your horse or pony. These treats are molasses free, no added sugars and all natural ingredients. These treats are great for all horses, whether they are fizzy, overweight and can be great for rewarding your horse or trick training.

Ring Craft ‘Sno-White’ Shamoo

Everyone needs some whitening shampoo in their tack room! This is the Ring Craft Sno-White whitening shampoo which is formulated to make those white bits sparkle and remove the toughest of stains. This shampoo is safe to use on ALL coat colours but is specifically designed to target those white areas. This shampoo is scented with a touch of honeysuckle and sandalwood and is sure to help you stand out in the show ring.

Topline Naturals Organic Soft Mouth

This Soft Mouth bit cream is made with a delicious blend of mango butter, jojoba and peppermint and is an extremely moisturising grooming kit essential! This bit cream is highly palatable for horses and is known to help encourage young horses to take the bit. You can apply this cream where the bit meets the corner of the horses mouth or all over their lips to replenish lost moisture, encourage repair and reawaken the area which leads to improved comfort and a happier horse.


Lola’s Apothecary Tranquil Isle Bath Oil

Tranquil Isle relaxing bath & shower oil use 100% natural fragrances and some of the finest pure essential oils. This bath oil is a grounding blend of lavender and roman camomile, with an earthy base of cedarwood and vetivers, brightened with lemon on the top note. These oils are extremely concentrated so you only need a couple of drops in your bath and is full of healing ingredients.

Pegasus Jewellery Vitality Bracelet

This is a sleek and stylish magnetic bracelet is known to boost your energy, help you sleep better and ache less after exercise! You can wear this silicone bracelet all day and night and is waterproof. The magnetic band combines unique elements Nyeomedium and Germanium for ultimate results. These bracelets are circulating over the internet at the moment and are especially popular for equestrians!


Lola’s Apothecary Relaxing Wellness Tea

The Clementine Calamity relaxing tea is a blend of gentle calming herbs including lemon balm, passion flower, oat straw and linden flower, supercharged with adaptogenic herbs, gynostemma and rhodiola to support the system in times of stress. This caffeine free, antioxidant rich honeycomb flavoured tea that looks, smells and tastes happy!

Choc-O-Lait Hot Chocolate On A Stick

Real Belgian hot chocolate on a stick. Pure and delicate, this Choc-O-Lait chocolate stick is full of milk chocolate and creates the perfect hot chocolate with a sweet touch. Simply stir for a minute in hot milk and then enjoy the best cup of hot chocolate you could ever wish for.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to choose between monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly boxes. You are not tied in to a contract with this, you can cancel at any point but I promise that you will not want to! Secondly, you need to choose between alcohol or non-alcohol and then a hand picked selection of goodies will be delivered straight to your door and thirdly, you and your horse can now enjoy all of the self care products! You can also purchase one of the boxes too as a gift for a friend or family member.

One Off Boxes

There are a range of one off boxes to choose from. This means that you purchase just one box either for yourself or as a parent and you pay for that there and then and not on a monthly subscription.

‘One Off Surprise Box’ – These boxes are designed to be a surprise when you open them so they do not state what the boxes hold. They come in three different sizes – Small, Medium & Large. The size of the box determines how many products you receive and the cost.

Previous Months Box – You can order the previous monthly subscription box as a one off if you missed out on it. You can find out on the website what the content of the box is and you can purchase this for £45.

The Treat Box – This box is full of tasty treats for your horse and costs £10. This is a really cute gift for someone as the Forelock & Fringe box is finished off with a black ribbon.

The ‘Ultimate Rider’ Box – With an overall price of £26, you can purchase this one off box for just £16. This box contains 4x black bandages, mane & tail spray, a mini bottle of prosecco and some chocolate. This is the perfect box for all riders and is also finished off with the back ribbon.

Buddy and I thoroughly enjoyed our Forelock & Fringe box and I am certain you and your horses would too. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a box full of alcohol, beauty products and equestrian items! The horse treats were open and demolished in minutes..

You can purchase your box and find out more information by clicking here –

Thank you so much to everyone from Forelock & Fringe for the amazing box of hand picked goodies for me and my horses!

Thank you for reading, until next time..

Francesca x


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