September 27, 2018

Payday is fast approaching for most of us and if you are anything like me you will already have a list of all the things waiting to purchase as soon as the money hits my account! If you haven’t already you need to have the Victorious Riding Tights by Sporting Hares on that list as they are a must have this Winter! Equestrian or not, these all round four way stretch riding tights are waiting for their spot in your wardrobe!

Whether you are a leisure rider, competitive rider, dog walker, gun shooter or just a general lover of the Countryside these Victorious tights can keep you warm and snug in the upcoming season with whatever sports you are doing! They are subtle and practical so the perfect tight for all occasions. To top it off, I have a 10% off discount code for these riding tights so be sure to grab yourself a pair before they sell out.. Find out the code after reading all about them…

These Victorious Tights can keep you warm and snug in the upcoming season with whatever sports you are doing

So what makes these riding tights so great?

Apart from the fact they are fabulously chic due to the classic colour and look with the subtle detailing of the Sporting Hares logo and two discreet pockets, they are also very comfortable! The intelligent four way stretch is for maximum comfort and snug fit to give you the most practical yet comfortable riding tight, they are like wearing another skin! They have a high waisted fit so that everything is snug in place when riding which I love! They are fleece lined and super insulated.. Breathable yet durable for the wind and rain this Winter! They are windproof and rainproof so you are protected at all times, whether it is showering with rain or blowing a gail.. The Victorious Riding Tights will keep you warm and dry so you can carry on your field activities whatever the weather!

Size & fit?

When buying these glorious Victorious riding tights I would recommend going down a size if you would like them extra fitted and snug. I personally prefer my breeches or riding tights really tight to prevent them from going baggy in the future or bunching at the bottom of my riding boot as we all know that is super annoying! These riding tights are really tight around your ankles with an elastic sock bottom to prevent this from happening! They come in a range of sizes from size 8-14 so there really is a pair for everyone! The pockets will hold your phone in place in the discreet pockets on both sides of the riding tight with more of a snug fit as well which is good if you are jumping or galloping through the fields without a care in the world.. The knee grips are strategically placed to give maximum grip in the saddle, a real asset to these riding tights! Unfortunately, there are no belt loops for those belt wearing equestrians which is a real shame but due to the purpose of these riding tights they are for maximum comfort and should be fitted enough to wear without the need of a belt!

What can I wear the Victorious Riding Tights for?

The Victorious Riding Tights can be worn for all different country or field sports! They can be used for different equestrian sports such as schooling, flatwork, jumping, hacking and just general yard duties! Other sports they can be used for is shooting or beating, fishing and any sort of physical exercise in the middle of Winter! They provide extra comfort and warmth when trekking through the fields and woodland. They are a plain black colour so they will not stand out when beating which makes them perfect and you can even hide a snack in one of the discreet pockets in case you get a bit peckish in the back of the beaters truck going to the next drive! These riding tights are so comfortable that I do not even feel the need to take them off when I get home to relax in.. As there is no zips or buttons these can double up as comfy lounging tights for those equestrians like me that get home after a long day at the yard and flop on the sofa to watch TV until I find the courage to get into the shower and into bed! Hopefully more colours will be added to the line in the future, fingers crossed!

Price & Postage?

The Victorious Riding Tights retail at around £49.99 which I feel is a great price for the quality of product you get like all the other products by Sporting Hares! They are very similar to the Noble Outfitters riding tights and the Kingsland Riding Tights but are retailed at an affordable price for everyone! I am also offering discount to all of my lovely friends, family & followers on these riding tights ONLY – Make sure to type in FRAN10 at checkout to receive 10% off and order before 2pm for next day delivery!

I was lucky enough to be sent the prototype for these lovely riding tights before they launched a few weeks ago! I was asked to model the tights for photographs for their website, brochure, magazines and social media accounts for their launch of this new line! I was super super excited! My lovely photographer Maddie from Madison May Photography took the talented photos for both Sporting Hares and myself and I cannot thank her enough!

This is not a sponsored post.. This is genuinely a company that I truly love and spend my hard earned money on. The Victorious Riding Tights really are a great addition to equestrian clothing collection and I cannot wait to try out further equestrian inspired clothing that they may bring out in the future!

Thank you Sporting Hares for the opportunity to be a part of such a great brand and product!

Thank you for reading, until next time..

Francesca x

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